BrainStation Med/Engg Entrance Coaching


If this is your first login attempt, pls read instructions


How to login for Online Classes & Exams

In the Login section on this page, enter username (your email id) and password (given to you at the time of registration). And click Login. You will be directed to the online classes and exam website.

Click on Video Class link and then For You link. Video classes will be listed. Click on the subject video and listen to the class. Time and duration of viewing is monitored. 

Important for Exams

After logging in, click Exams link. Your upcoming exams will be listed. Click on the exam and details of the exam will be shown. Click on Start Exam link and start taking the exam.

Important: Click on Submit button ONLY after you have completed the exam.

Once into the exam, the time remaining for the exam will be displayed on top. Move to next question by clicking > button; to previous question by < button.